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Introduction The following care plan will be based on a personal experience with a patient who was nursed in a private sector care home. This interaction took place during a practice placement in the care of the elderly area. The care plan will incorporate the Roper et al (1998) model of nursing based on the twelve activities of living which aims to prevent actual and/or potential complications or problems and to set expected outcomes or goals. The focus of this care plan will be the potential risk of pressure sores. Pressure area care is an excellent example of an area of nursing intervention that benefits from good use of assessment skills, care planning and thorough evaluation following implementation of interventions (Maylor & Roberts, 1999). Moreover, pressure sores pose a very significant threat to the health of compromised individuals. A threat that can be greatly minimised by preventative, therapeutic and assessment based interventions (Rycroft-Malone & McInnes, 2000). Introduction of subject patient. The particular patient was chosen as the subject of this assignment because the student carried out the initial assessment. During this preadmission assessment a good rapport was developed. This made for positive communication. Moreover, the patient had many different and complex needs. Having these different needs would illustrate the benefit and the importance of carrying out a structured and holistic assessment to create a total picture of an individual from which to plan care. Through discussion with the subject of this assignment and his sister we agreed the pseudonym Mr X. Confidentiality and privacy were assured and they were both made aware of the nature of the exercise and were quite happy to continue on that basis. It essential that such assurances and permissions are sought before embarking on an assignment such as this (NMC, 2002) Mr X is a

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