Care Order and Supervison Order Essay

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CARE ORDERS AND SUPERVISION ORDERS INFORMATION SHEET WHAT DOES A CARE ORDER MEAN ? A Care Order is applied for by the local authority (also known as Social Services) when they consider the children are suffering or are likely to suffer significant harm if a Care Order is not made (this is normally referred to and will be referred to for the rest of this information sheet, as the threshold criteria). SIGNIFICANT HARM MEANS ill treatment or damage to the health or development of the children. WHAT HAPPENS IF THE COURT GRANT A CARE ORDER ? If a Care Order is granted, then the local authority share parental responsibility for the children with the mother and the father (if he already has parental responsibility - attached is a Parental Responsibility Information Sheet). The local authority would, however, in practice usually have the final say if there was a dispute between parents and the local authority about the children, for example, over where the children should live. WHAT IS AN INTERIM CARE ORDER ? An Interim Care Order is applied for at the beginning of Care Proceedings and if made, is reviewed at regular intervals by the Court prior to a final hearing. However, an Interim Care Order can be contested by the parents at any stage during the proceedings. IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN INTERIM CARE ORDER AND A CARE ORDER ? A Care Order is usually made at a final hearing. An Interim Care Order is made and renewed throughout the course of the proceedings and can sometimes be a “holding position” while the local authority carry out assessments of the parents. IS THE TEST THE SAME AS FOR A FINAL CARE ORDER ?It is easier for the local authority to make out grounds for an Interim Care Order than a full Care Order at a final hearing. For an Interim Care Order, all the local authority needs to show is there

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