Care Oplans Staying Healthy Essay

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[pic] CYGNET HEALTH CARE MULTI-DISCIPLINARY CARE PLAN |Ward: Litchurch |Named nurse: | |Evaluation frequency: Monthly/As required. |Date of completion: | |Care Plan (_): diabetes care | |Relates to Recovery star domain: |Physical health and self care | | | |Service user perception of identified need - (Pathway step 1: Where am I now?): | | | |Upon admission (Patient X) had a Body Mass Index of (__) and weighed (__)Kg. His BMI indicated that he was overweight/normal/underweight. | | | |A diagnosis of type (1 / 2 ) was given to (Patient X) on (__/__/____).(Patient X) glucose control is currently… | | | |(Patient X) physical observations were taken on (__/__/____). Currently (Patient X) has a BMI of (__) BP

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