Care Home Abuse Essay

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Care home abuse Serious reports on failure to protect individuals in care homes, hospitals, and people’s homes, this happens more often in the care setting by the people they should be able to trust. The most vulnerable to abuse are the ones who don’t understand the situation or are unable to speak for their self. Panorama reports on the people being abused in the privet hospital near Bristol. Winterbourne View is a hospital for mentally and physically changed adults. The facility’s held 51 patients, families of 19 patients where concerned of abuse. The abuse consist of unlawful and curl restraints, kicking, slapping, putting the clients in cold showers, threaten them and much more. Some of the families and friends where frightened about the abuse their family and friends have been through. Along with they might have to be sectioned in the hospital. Most of the clients are almost 200 miles from their friends and families so they were unable to see their loved ones as often as they could have if they were closer, as an affect they were unable to see the alerts and the changes in their loved ones. One of the care workers had said it was a stressful place to work and long hours. 11 care workers were charged with a form of abuse when the abuse was aired on television. The Health Minister Norman Lamb had said people where put in inappropriate setting which makes them more acceptable to abuse. Many reports of whistleblowing were reported and ignored by the CQC as a watchdog. Whistleblowing is put in to place to protect the vulnerable individual from being abused and protect the reporter from any unfair treatment and to investigate the abuser to be charged. With the CQC failures to act on the whistleblowing many vulnerable people where verbally, physically abused, by the people that were meant to care for them on many

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