Care - Guidelines on Handling Information Essay

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GUIDELINES ON HANDLING INFORMATION Maintaining information * Fill in all paperwork as and when you are supposed to so that it is up to date ensuring the information is correct. * Record information as soon as possible on a periodic basis to ensure accuracy. * Always write in a clear and neat manner so that it is legible and accurate. * Use simple words rather than jargon to ensure legibility for others. * Only use facts when recording information and never use opinions or make assumptions. * Never use correction fluids or scribble out words. If an error is made, put one line through the word and initial the error. Storing information securely * Ensure service users care plans are not left open and are kept out of sight. * Rotas should be kept out of sight and never left for others to see, eg. left on car seats or taken in to clients homes. * Clients records should be kept locked securely in a filing cabinet in a locked room. * Only have one or two key holders for rooms where records are kept. * Records which are kept on computers should only be accessed by the authorised user and be password protected. * Computer documents should be closed and not left open for others to see. * Do not move, or duplicate any file or information on computers. Security when reading or making entries into records * Keep information covered up as much as possible and don’t leave unattended. * If possible go into a more private room to fill in records or read information. * Only open computer files when necessary and never leave them open. * Only get files out of cabinets when necessary and always put back in the cabinet after use. Special features that help to ensure security * Use passwords on computers and never disclose passwords to unauthorised users. * Use locks on cabinets and doors to rooms containing
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