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ICareGroup Case What business goals was the IT infrastructure at CareGroup attempting to achieve? How did the infrastructure and the way it was managed contribute to those goals? The business goals that the IT structure at CareGroup was attempting to centralize six different hospital systems where none of them had standardized operations. All the hospitals had been brought together on a common system with Meditech software at the center. All had state-of-the-art email, networking, PCs, and clinical/financial information systems. It served 300 physicians, processed 40 terabytes of data per day and handled 900,000 patient records dating back to 1977. (Support staff 200). CareGroup also successfully tried to create higher contracting power in a fierce price war at the time against the HMOs to get over the critical mass of covered lives. They also increased health care quality and decreased IT cost tremendously. What caused the collapse at CareGroup? There were several initial reasons of the collapse. The final analysis of the crash by Cisco revealed that actually none of the discovered problems was crucial by itself, but all of them caused kind of a domino effect. Besides all the HW-related reasons, which were identified by the Cisco SWAT team, there were also process related ones. One was, that the architecture of the IS was not managed from one central point, which resulted in situation, that there were some computers added to the network without analyzing before its impact on the network. The second reason was that there was no evidence of changes and new SW releases. The third reason was, that new applications were run directly in the production environment without previous testing outside it. The trigger of the collapse was the situation, when a researcher at CareGroup did not remove the experimental knowledge management application that was

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