Cardiovascular Disease In Australia

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Cardiovascular disease is a medical issue. It is one of the greatest problem why million of people lost life worldwide, and also the reason that many people around the globe are not living a full life due to disabilities. The term cardiovascular disease is the name that is generalizing all the diseases that affected the heart and also blood vessels. It is observed to be the major causes of death for both men and women in Australia for many decades. Cardiovascular health was approved and supported as the National Health focus area at Australian Health ministers’ conference years ago because of the high cases of cardiovascular disease and also it impacts on morbidity and mortality in Australian society. The conditions of cardiovascular disease such as cerebrovascular…show more content…
Acourding to health care expenditure, heart disease is one of the expensive health condition, costing Australian government 4.5 million dollars in the year 2000 to 2001. The cases of cardiovascular disease become high when people get older , which mean number of Australian with cardiovascular disease might increases in the near future due to the number of the elderly people in Australia. There is no doubt that cardiovascular disease is a big causes of death and the second causes of disease burden compare to other diseases burden. Statistic show that cardiovascular disease is responsible for the 34% of all death in Australia in the year 2007. Statistic show that, cardiovascular disease kills one Australian almost every eleven minutes, affects nearly 3.4 millions of the whole population, prevent 1.4 million Australian population from living a complete life due to disabilities causes by heart diseases, and it take away the lives of nearly 48,500 Australians in the year 2008
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