Carcinoma Essay

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General Characteristics Squamous cell carcinoma is a common type of skin cancer. It is categorized as a non-melanoma skin cancer. Twenty percent of the skin cancer diagnoses in the United States are squamous cell. This type of skin cancer is usually caused by sun damage. If treated early, squamous cell carcinoma has a 95 percent or above cure rate. Common characteristics of squamous cell skin carcinoma include a bleeding or non-healing sore, a reddish patch, or an elevated or wart-like growth (The Skin Cancer Foundation). Causes Ultraviolet light - Most of this is from sunlight. Squamous cell carcinoma is most commonly seen in fair skinned individuals who are unable to tan. It’s also associated with an accumulated lifetime exposure to sun. Chemicals such as arsenic can increase the risk of this skin cancer. Cigarette smoking increases the risks of squamous cell carcinoma by a lot. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is also associated with squamous cell carcinoma in the genital area as well as around the nails (Wikipedia). Signs and Symptoms People with squamous cell carcinoma that hasn't spread to other areas, don't generally have any entire body symptoms; the only symptom is the lesion. Squamous cell cancer may start as scaly or crusty flat lesions that become raised, reddened and wart like. Squamous cell carcinoma in the mouth may look like a white patch or ulcerated area. A hornlike projection may grow from the lesion. (PubMed Health). Diagnosis To diagnose skin cancer, dermatologist looks at the skin. A dermatologist examines growths, moles and dry patches. They may use a dermoscope to get a better look. If they find something that look cancerous, the remove the whole thing or part of it and preform a biopsy (SCF). Treatment Just like any type of cancer, early detection and treatment of squamous cell carcinoma is best (SCF). Squamous cell carcinoma

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