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Assignment 1 This assignment covers lectures 1 (Overview of Nutrition & Health ) and 2 (Carbohydrates) 1. Explain the role of Minerals in the human body? 2. List the energy yielding molecules and nutrients and explain each one in a short paragraph 3. What is the cause of overweight and obesity? 4. What is the primary source of energy for human brain? Explain 5. What are nutrients? And what are their uses in the body? 6. Meat, poultry, and fish are excellent sources of carbohydrates? True or false? Explain 7. Sometimes we eat unhealthy because of social interactions? Explain this? List some other factors that affect food choices? 8. List organic nutrients found in a typical meal? Explain each…show more content…
List the six characteristics of a nutritious diet? 23. Nutrient dense refers to what kind of foods? Give some examples? 24. What are carbohydrates? Their role in human body? 25. What is simple carbohydrate? List simple carbohydrates? 26. What is the main function of carbohydrate in the body? 27. List the monosaccharides that are important in nutrition 28. What is disaccharide? Name the disaccharide? 29. What is sucrose? What are terms are used to describe sucrose 30. What is polysaccharide? What is the most common polysaccharide found in plants? What is the most common polysaccharide found in animals? 31. What types of plants is the richest source of starch? 32. What happens to excess glucose in the blood? 33. What is cellulose? Where is it found? 34. What is fiber? How can fiber help patients with diabetes? 35. How the fibers are categorized? What is the connection between fiber rich food and GI tract? 36. Explain the reason for the steady upward trend in sugar consumption among Americans? 37. List the carbohydrate sources that is present in foods derived from animals? Explain each one briefly 38. According to the American Dietetic Association, a desirable intake of dietary fiber is many grams per day? Explain

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