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Could a simple pill really be all it takes to loose those unwanted pounds before dress season comes around? A recent study indicates that a new pill, known as the Carb Cutter could be all it takes to shave off that last little bit of weight added on at the beginning of the first semester. “The pill is simple in its function’” says UGA grad student ,” All it really does is prevent starches from being digested in your system.” , who has been working on this project since the beginning of his UGA career, claims that by bypassing the digestion of starch, only the “good stuff” will be digested and used by your body, resulting in weight loss and an overall improvement in health. It is not new news that cutting down on the carbs can help…show more content…
Without the amylase required to digest the starch, they simply can’t be broken down. Typically, when amylase is added to a solution of starch, the concentration of starch should continually go down because the amylase is in effect. However, when Weaver added the Carb cutter solution to the starch and amylase, the carb concentration stayed relatively constant. In all of the Carb Cutter testing the carbohydrate concentration stayed relatively constant, meaning the formula works for prohibiting the digestion of starch via amylase. There are a couple downfalls to the pill’s effectiveness, however. For the carbohydrates eaten in a meal to not be digested, the pill needs to be taken around 15 minutes before the meal is eaten. Otherwise, the amylase will begin working again and break down the starches. To further study the pill’s effectiveness, Weaver is searching for volunteer participants in a 2-month study on weight loss. Could the Carb Cutter pil be the next latest and greatest weight loss solution? We will find out shortly enough. Minutes in solution|Stock Solution absorbance(NO CC)|Stock starch

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