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BIOL 1103L Carb Blocker Article Draft Writing-to-learn assignments are often called “low stakes” writing assignments because they allow you to explore topics of interest while not being graded for a large number of points; examples of these assignments that you are VERY familiar with by now are in-class experimental designs. The more you practice communicating science via these low-stakes assignments, the better prepared you will be to write about the process of science at a more intensive level (“mid stakes” and “high stakes” assignments that are worth more points and demonstrate your knowledge learned). This assignment is the draft version of your Carb Blocker Article. This is a mid-stakes assignment that requires you to demonstrate…show more content…
Meeting the required rubric elements for any assignment ensures only that you have completed the minimum requirements of the assignment; this does not mean you have an “A” paper! Think about how you can go beyond the minimum to show stronger quality of thought and writing and therefore potentially earn more points. *Common parts of articles (all are requirements for your article): 1. They all have a brief title (~5-8 words). 2. They all start with a statement or statistic that catches your attention. What will yours be? 3. They all have brief statements that introduce the study conducted. How will you introduce your study so that the audience reading the article will understand what you did and why you did it? 4. They all have brief descriptions of how the study was conducted. 5. They all have brief statements about the results of the study. How will you describe what your study…show more content…
They all have brief statements about what conclusions can be drawn from your study. What are different points you want your audience to consider when they see the data? 8. Many have some quotes or summarized statements from outside information sources such as interviews with health officials, university professors and staff, other studies, etc. What outside sources of information can you find to support both why it was important to do the study, why you got the results you did, and why you can logically make the conclusions you have drawn? You DO have to mention another similar study; it need not be on Carb Cutter but something that strengthens your argument. You must provide a citation of any outside sources that you reference. You should cite the sources at the end of the article that you write. A document in the Carb Cutter folder gives sample citation formats that you can use. 9. They mention how they would have done the experiment differently to get better results. 10. A) Notice the length of the articles. They are written in concise statements that might total two pages of a typical double-spaced

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