Caravaggio-the Calling of St. Matthew

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Take Home: Art Analysis Painting: Caravaggio-The Calling of St. Matthew (page 306) The subject of this painting is a figure painting which shows a Judeo-Christian tradition. Caravaggio uses religion as the function of the painting. In the painting, the people are at the tavern and one man has his head down. As a light shines through a window, you see a man that is not from the current time. He is asking for Matthew, the man who has his head down, while the rest of the people point in his direction. Another function of the painting is that it also serves as a show the power of the church. With the light shining through the window and onto the table, you get a sense of the goodness. The light represents the Catholic Church and with it shining on Matthew, it is showing its power. Matthew has his head down which could symbolize submission. The type of medium that Caravaggio uses is in the visual category, a painting to be more specific. The medium that Caravaggio chose does suite what he is trying to convey. With a painting, Caravaggio is able to use light, texture and color to show the divinity in the light. He is able to capture expression and emotion in the characters as well as their dimensions. In regards to the honesty of the medium, Caravaggio has used light, texture, technique, coloring and even sizes to portray the Christian story of the calling of Matthew. The style that is used is used by Caravaggio is chiaroscuro, which uses light and shade to give a three dimensional appearance. Caravaggio uses the typical, everyday setting and realistic imagery to capture the themes that were prevalent by the Catholic Church during the Baroque period. This period was a time when paintings were ornate and appealed to emotions. The elements which Caravaggio used were chiaroscuro, which uses light and shadow. He also uses color and value to capture the
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