Car Wash in China Essay

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Current Chaos of Car Wash Service in China Although all data and information indicates a prosperous business market, customers (the car owners) look not happy to the current car wash service, on various reasons. Further study on the customers (the car owners) shows the car wash business is not optimistic as more and more feedbacks from the customers are negative! Below snapshot is from one of the top Chinese domestic websites Sohu’s public survey on car wash status, valid until today since July 2010. Unfortunately, lower to 15.24% people are satisfied with the current car wash services. Why and at what the car owners are not happy? Out of all causes to the car owners’ unsatisfactory, “Cleaning quality” comes to top one – a figure higher to 50%. A government sponsored investigation at Foshan, Guangzhou, Guangdong province tells the details as below table. That survey is based on 87 car wash shops out of total 500 registered ones all over the city in 2010. Basic Items Good Not Bad Poor No comment Wash Car body 68% 31% 1% Wash car base 41% 50% 9% Particular dirt on the body 32% 53% 13% 2% Wash Foot pad 54% 45% 1% Clean interior dirt 47% 51% 2% Environmental purification 35% 47% 16% 2% Clean boot 40% 52% 7% 1 Check and maintain tires 41% 46% 7% 6% (Average) 45% 47% 7% Good comment means customer satisfactory only 45%, and top causes are: • Particular dirt on the body, 32% • Environmental purification, 35% • Clean boot, 40% • Check and Maintain tires, 41% • Wash car base, 41% All those items are more or less link to professional knowhow or skills or equipment, car wash workers may not know the skills to do so or they are not equipped. Secondly, car wash time too long, almost every one of the car wash shop front long lines, especially in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities. 30 minutes or even longer waiting for car wash

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