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CARtoday Case Study Introduction The purpose of the report is to evaluate the business and technical strategies used by South African publishing group Ramsay, Son & Parker (Pty) Ltd in developing an Internet presence for their printed media in 1997. The report is based on the case study of the CARtoday web site, an online version of their printed magazine title, CAR-Magazine. A brief analysis of the business models used and comparisons with other online publishers are discussed within each key topic: The key topics discussed in this report are: • Planning & Web Site Implementation; • Generating Revenue from Online Content; • Premium Content & International Access • Branding & Online Transactions; Background Founded in 1957, Media group Ramsay, Son & Parker (Pty) Ltd are a well-respected South African publisher specialising in niche market publications. Their list of magazines includes Getaway, Compleat Golfer, Hotel and Restaurateur and South Africa’s leading motoring magazine title CAR-Magazine. CAR-Magazine’s circulation of 123,000 a month also makes it South Africa’s leading men’s magazine. The decision to give CAR-Magazine an online presence in 1997 was Ramsay, Son & Parker’s first commercial venture onto the Internet and was seen as a pilot project for the rest of their magazines. Like many companies at that time, the issue of generating revenue without affecting their printed media was perplexing. The final decision to take CAR-Magazine online was not driven by a solid business case but by the fear of losing the online media battle to competitors. Planning & Website Implementation While the CARtoday case study does not mention if an analyses and feasibility study was ever carried out, it seems they had a better understanding of the situation than most.

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