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wheels vasrrstoen es6 19x11 19x9 color glacier frost mica from lexus blackout headlights accord 07 fog lights Get 07 type s bumper its interchangeable--- get tl type s a-spec 07 lip--- tl type s a-spec rear---- spc camber kit ingalls camber kit cdm tailights m2lowering springs a-spec sideskirt ---It will fit on my bumper------ PS: tl type s a-spec lip tl type s a spec rear 04to06 only has 1 part different from 07to08 and that is the wing --(A)-- If you want the full S front you can ghetto rig the chrome wing from the S and throw on the type s lip WHICH I VERIFIED as fitting... And noob I'm the fitment guru... I've been wrong ONCE COST EFFECTIVE All you need is the type s front aspec lip... Then get the cheapest fogs you can find that fit in the opening and they can be mounted in seconds That's beast. A-spec is the trim. The made a base model, A-spec with stiffer springs and a lip kit, and then the type-s. varrstoen r the rims. --------------------------------------------------- zaino clay bar for waxing car It's up to you. Some people spray a mist of the Gloss Enhancer on the applicator pad when they are applying Z2 or Z5 on the car. It makes it glide smoother, providing more even spread, I suppose. But I've never done it that way. I just make sure that the applicator pad is clean and soft, and use only Z2 or Z5, whatever I'm using at the time, then finish off with the Gloss Enhancer ------------------------------------------------- 19x8.5 RJ Inspyres Weds Kranze LXZ 2004-06 Acura TL ron jon 3rd gen Lexus GS front bumper retrofit (Job Design Hybrid Series performed by Masters Autobody)

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