Car or Bus Essay

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Mohammed Al-Salahi 6-17-2015 “Drive A Car Or Ride A Bus” Mostly everyone uses one of transportation ways in order to get his or her destination. Among the many means of transportation, the most common ones are the buses and the private cars. Many people choose these tow means for three compelling aspects. For instance, comfortableness, expensiveness and the effects to the environment. These two common ways needs to be evaluate d to find out what is the best means of transportation. First and foremost, the comfortableness of the vehicle is one of the most important aspects people would like to have when they move from a place to a different place. Most people prefer to drive their own cars for different reasons. For example, they feel more comfortable when they are alone in their cars where in the bus, there are too many people close to comfort. Also, they can listen to the radio whenever they want and which channel they prefer. Unlike the bus where you do not have the choice to what to listen. Add for that, they do not have to worry about the weather and bus stations stops. And they do not have to worry about catching the bus on time and wasting time waiting for the next bus in case if you miss the first one. Counter to people who prefer to use the bus, they to be there on time. The second point I would like to compare is the expensiveness. Usually the buses cost way cheaper than private cars. Moreover, regarding to their capacity, buses hold and transport more passengers in comparison to the private cars that can only transport a limited number at a time. Also, governments use buses as an effective way of transporting students and staff, where it is impossible for private cars to serve like that. Lastly, the comparison of their effects to the environment. The public transportation is more friendly to the

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