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Car Insurance for Minors In this days, people travel with vehicles to place they need to go. That’s why they made a law about Car Insurance. What is a Car Insurance? Why do you even need this? A Car Insurance is for protecting you if ever you get into an accident while driving in your own car. Accidents cause by nature calamity or by an unexpected events. Examples of unexpected events are like being hit by another car, hitting obstacles on the road that cause the car to broke, or if your car were stolen. When you own a car you need to have your car insured. If you buy a car insurance that my also know as Policy. Your policy is based on your car type and also states what kind of insurance do you want. There are lots of companies that offer different kind of insurance. Liability pays for and accidents that have cause injuries in you. They are responsible for medical expenses. Collision pays for the damages to your car made by other vehicle or objects that was on the road. Uninsured Motorist pays your car damage if another person is reliable for it. Comprehensive pays you if an accident is cause by nature calamity or if it is stolen from you. There are lots of kinds of insurances that you can choose from. You also may renew your car insurance; some are only six months while some takes a year. They will give you a notice if you need to renew it. But what if you are a minor? Minors are most likely involved in car accidents. You can hear plenty of news about it, and sometimes they are cause by drunken teenagers or other causes. Minors should have car insurance, but insurance under 21 of age can cost big because they are new at driving cars. It is really expensive for them to get car insurance. Some have one day car insurance for young drivers, this are for minors who just rent cars. But some companies’ offers discount insurance to minors who do great in school. Also

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