Car Crimes Essay

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Car Crimes A joyride happens whenever an unauthorized driver borrows or even steals a car just for driving recklessly he might take his parent's car out for a quick joyride with friends, Some give the meaning of a joyride as any car trip taken with no destination in mind,although in the eyes of the law a joyride is different than a simple unplanned drive. A true joyride often involves a driver who knows it is illegal of the act along with passengers who may or may not know they are riding in a stolen or borrowed vehicle. A joyride almost always ends with the vehicle being returned to the owner unharmed, abandoned because it had no petrol, But Also It could end in crash with fatalities and deathsdf. Thought It Would Be Better If Called Car Crime Then it Wou have given me more to talk about in the subject. Thursday, 16 May 13 Facts Facts And Statistics • On average, a car is stolen or broken into once every 25 seconds • A stolen car is 2000 times more likely to be involved in an accident than a legally owned one. • Car crime costs Britain over £1 billion a year • Less than 10% of valuables stolen from cars are ever recovered • Most car offenders are between 17 and 25 years old and most of them started offending between the ages of 13 and 16 • Many young people are persuaded into car crime by their friends (peer pressure) • Car crime starts as theft and can lead to death • Car theft makes up over 30% of all reported crime • One quarter of stolen cars are never recovered. JOYRIDING - JUST SAY NO! THE STATISTICS: At 40 miles per hour, 100% of people hit by joyriders are killed At 30 miles per hour, 50% of people hit by joyriders are killed At 20 miles per hour, 5% of people hit by joyriders are killed Thursday, 16 May 13 Stories Eight-year-old dies after being hit by stolen car Eight-year-old Daniel Conroy Curtin died
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