Car Crash Essay

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Car Crash I slowly forced my eyelids open, the smell of anti-bacterial cleanser was suffocating. My mouth was dry and my head felt as if someone was banging it off a concrete wall. I was lying in a bed it seemed and everything was a blur but slowly, slowly everything began to come in to focus. There was a window on the opposite side of the room with streams of sunlight entering the room, reflecting off the white walls. The room was too bright, so bright I wanted to close my eyes again. I had no idea where I was, I couldn’t remember what had happened, how I got here… wherever here was. I decided to observe my surroundings hoping that by doing so I would remember what had happened and how I got here. The room was completely bear with the exception of a few brown uncomfortable looking chairs scattered here and there. There was a loud, extremely irritating beeping noise; I turned my head towards the source. Every muscle in my neck was sore and stiff. The culprit was some kind of machine with different tubes coming out of it here and there, the ends of them embedded in my wrist. That was when I noticed the woman beside my bed, she had chocolate brown hair just like mine. She appeared to be sleeping her head resting on her hand which was firmly wrapped around mine. She looked oddly familiar but I just couldn’t place a name to her. I racked my brain for her name; I nearly gave up when it finally dawned on me. “Mom” I croaked. Her head snapped up at the sound of my voice. Her face was red and swollen from crying. She smiled at me and a few new tears began to slip down her cheek. “Hey sleepy head” she answered softly. “Mom, wha… what happened wh… where am I?” I stuttered, since when did talking become such a challenge? She paused for a moment before replying “You are in the hospital sweetie, you were in a very bad car crash”. Suddenly the memories of that morning came

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