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Case Analysis: Captiva Conglomerate I. Major Facts Captiva Conglomerate and its employees are unsatisfied with a subsidiary contractor S.O. Software (SOS). SOS’s inventory management system has caused excessive delays in Captiva’s distribution of goods and services by four month. This in turn further delayed the implementation of their regional and centralized inventory management system delay by ten months. Now Captiva is faced with inconsistency in their standards for operating, and their regional and centralized management system is performing poorly. This includes having major discrepancies within their inventory management system. Captiva Conglomerate has gone over budget for an operating platform that is more of nightmare than a help to its business. Lastly, the contract was written in a manner where if would be very difficult for Captiva to sue SOS. II. Major Problem The major problem in this case is that Captiva Conglomerate had a very poor contract which did not define the their goals nor direction and outcomes that SOS would be required to perform. There was no timelines, benchmarks, or set objectives. Additionally, there was no involvement in the decision making process from the people who would be using the software. Specifications in the software architecture were not address either. Thus, without input from the facilitators, SOS had to decide what might work to fulfill the requirements for Captiva. III. Possible Solutions/Alternatives Option 1: Captiva Conglomerate should bring SOS back to the table and renegotiate their current contract, include as statement of work, set goals, provide more input, and require benchmarks to be met. Option 2: Captiva Conglomerate should terminate the contract with SOS. After terminating the contract develop a cross-functional team that integrates all departments that have a need for the

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