Captains Of Industry Essay

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10/2/08 During the Industrial Period, a “robber baron” was though of as a deceitful schemer while a “captain of industry” was someone who used their success for the betterment of mankind. The successful businessmen were usually given the robber baron label, due to their sometimes questionable approach to commerce, but were genuinely stripped of their correct label. These mavericks were trying to establish a more secure economy and earned everything they worked for making every small business man having an opportunity to become a big one. They, as well, gave back as much as they took in their philanthropic deeds for the country. Despite the sometimes immoral methods of achieving success, the successful businessmen of the time facilitated the economy, worked for every penny they earned and gave back to humanity with their success therefore making them worthy of the “captain of industry” title. The post-Civil War era was a time of innovation the United States with the most awful situations typically being the poor financial circumstances. Everyone knew that if the prices went down, people would buy and the economy would thrive. The captains of industry did everything they could to take care of this problem because they knew of the significance of a thriving economy. Joseph G. Pyle in James Hill’s biography “The Life of James J. Hill, 1917, (the creator of the transcontinental railroad), described the selflessness of this deed. “The profit on his investment in the property, he said, stubbornly, in his answer to all propositions to vote him a salary, was sufficient compensation for his services” (Document 3). James Hill is a striking resemblance to many other the industrialists of the time that gravely affected the economy with that Andrew Carnegie’s developed the steel industry and James D. Rockefeller growth of the oil industry. The federal government may have

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