Captain Torres Good Vs Evil

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And so, which will it be? Murderer or hero? My fate hangs on the edge of this razor blade. The blade is gleaming on Captain Torres neck forming a perfect horizontal line which seems as if it is especially there to tempt me even more. All it will take is one hard swing and he will breathe his last breath. But, no. No! I cannot let this happen. What good will it do us if I kill our worst enemy? Except, of course, the celebration of our triumph of good over evil, or is it really evil over evil? Captain Torres kills people and destroys their families to show that he is the most powerful and nobody can go against him. On the other hand, I would kill to win, by bloodshed. How is that good over evil since some people will be against and some will be for this act? This has to stop. No more killing. Only peace. "Peace! I say we need peace", I said to Captain Torres with all my might. "Oh, yes. Peace! What a great word, isn't it? I am sorry, but the word peace will not be in my…show more content…
It took him all the energy he had to say that word and after that he remained motionless on the chair. I killed Torres. I had slit his throat with my razor blade. Everything is over now, the war and the fear people always bore in their minds. The razor is still in my hand, its blade smeared with blood. What should I do? I have just the right idea. I reached up to my supplies kit and pulled out a bland new razor blade. I cleaned the blood from Captain Torres neck and shaved the rest of his face. He looks very calm sitting on the chair, with his eyes shut. He does not resemble the dictator whom people have always feared. I cannot just keep on looking at him. I have to do something to justify my sin. I took a piece of clean cloth and wrote on with black dye, "Peace at last! Torres put at peace by a coward!" I took the cloth, came out of my shop, and walked down the whole street. People ran my shop to see the living, or as people may say, dead
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