Captain Nolan Essay

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How far do the sources agree that Captain Nolan was to blame for the disastrous charge of the light brigade? The charge of the light brigade was the charge of the British light cavalry lead by lord cardigan on the 25th October 1854. The result of the charge was that instead of being sent to attack a retreating artillery battery, which was much suited to the cavalry, they were sent for a full frontal attack on a different artillery battery, this battery was well defended and well prepared the result of the failed attack resulted in 118 men dead 127 wounded and about 60 taken prison. This disastrous charge was as a result of gross miscommunication from somewhere in the chain of command and promptly blame was attached to that of Captain Nolan due to his miscommunication, but was he really to blame? Source one acknowledges that ‘blame was hastily attached to Captain Nolan’ and also acknowledges that the charges of the light brigade was a ‘disastrous charge’ but it also shifts the blame to that of Lord Raglan’s as it says that Nolan was ‘instructed’ to deliver an order to Lord Lucan, the source furthermore doubts that Nolan was to blame by saying that ‘the charge by the light brigade was so opposed to his own published theories on tactics that he could never have suggested it’. The reliability of the source is debatable as although it was written on the 25th November 1854, which was just a month after the charge which would have stopped the source from changing with time, it was written as an obituary so it would have tried to portray Captain Nolan in a good light. When source two is contrasted with source one it also says that Nolan was not to blame and says that he was ‘merely aide-de-camp’ and shifts the blame to Lord Lucan saying that ‘A commanding officer is supposed to possess sufficient self-command and certain discretionary powers’, although this source
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