Captain James Cook

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Captain James Cook – 1728 - 1799 The world would not have been what it is today if explorers and conquerors did not take their time and explore the new world. Most of the unexplored and unknown world was discovered by explorers since the existence of the world, but the new world came into existence between the early 1600s to the late 1800s, and we are indebted to those brave and fearless explorers who courageously took up the challenge, leave their families and homeland and venture out into the new world. One such explorer who came into existence in the mid and late 18th century, and thus the main emphasis of this essay is Captain James Cook. Who is James Cook? Why should we learn more about him and his achievements? And why is he recorded in our history books? These are few questions that this essay will try to answer. Captain James Cook "... the ablest and most renowned navigator this or any country hath produced. He possessed all the qualifications requisite for his profession and great undertakings ..." - Lord Palliser, Cook's superior in the navy, . Born on the 27th of October 1728 to a farmer of Scottish decent, Cook started early as a teenager, working as an apprentice to seafaring family. He shot into fame when he joined the Great Britain’s Royal Navy in 1755, in which he soon proved himself to be an expert navigator. In 1768 he was assigned to his first mission, which he was to undertake a scientific expedition to observe and document the planet Venus as it passed between the Earth and the Sun, in Tahiti. He arrived to Tahiti on the 11th of April 1769, seven weeks earlier than planned. Apart from that he was also given the privilege to seek out the fabled southern continent and claim it for England. This was the beginning of his expedition to the South Seas, in which he later found and set foot on most islands,
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