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Captain Essay To be a cheerleading captain, it takes dedication, determination, energy, communication skills, responsibility, leadership skills, and a passion for cheerleading. I know that I fit all of these qualities, and I feel that I would make an excellent captain. Being captain is one of the most important aspects of a cheerleading squad, and with my hard work, leadership skills, and determination, I know that I can take this squad very far. I am well prepared to take on the responsibilities that may come my way this year as captain. I know that when I take this position I will be faced with countless obstacles but I will not give up on my squad. When I make cheer captain, I will give my all and try my hardest to get this squad where it needs to be. I know my place on the squad should be captain because I am a dependable and responsible person. I am also a well-organized person, so I will always make sure everything that needs to be done for the squad is done. I know I will be capable of organizing the formations of our squad and organizing the stunts that will be used. I am confident in our upcoming squad; I know that they are too, so I will have to manage what goes on. Although stunting is an important part of cheerleading, it can be dangerous and should be taking seriously, so I will have to be able to stand back and see what our team is capable of doing. Even though stunting is an important part of cheer, the execution of the stunt is more important than the performance. I am trustworthy as well, knowing I will make all the girls feel comfortable on the squad because I am approachable. I know I will be a communication link between the coach and the squad. It will be very important for me to be patient, cooperative and a good listener to both the squad and my coach because I know I will be responsible for relaying messages between my squad and the coach.

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