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UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX | Case Study: Captain Edith Strong | | | Matthew Kramer | 8/8/2014 | | People in today’s workplace no matter where that is need to feel appreciated and wanted. This is no different in a police force where the work its self is highly strenuous and time consuming. If employees are not made to feel like they are appreciated or doing a good job then morale and work effort will suffer as a result. In a philosophical approach Captain Strong needs to get the pulse of the department if you will. Meaning she needs to find out what the problems are and their root and find a way to be able to at least come to a happy medium with everyone on the issues. The problem with trying to please everyone about everything may not be possible based on manpower and her ability in her position. One of the complaints of the officers is that…show more content…
Officers have reported that response time in between calls is taking far too long and in turn this makes the public think that the police department is not taking their problem that serious leading to citizen complaints. Cutting corners is also mentioned as a way to complete investigations early so that officers can complete their shift on time. Complaints from citizens as well as officers on response times and officers complaints that they have to short change investigations so they can leave on time is a major concern and needs to be addressed immediately. Captain Strong needs to emphasize the importance of a thorough investigation in order to collect all evidence if there is any and to take all statements and document a crime scene when necessary as all of this will be key in solving any crime. This again comes down to staffing and manpower on any given shift as it seems that there is a shortage of officers to cover the ground and do a proper job without

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