Captain Alatriste Essay

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Captain Alatriste Captain Alatriste was a pretty good book. There were very interesting parts that I really liked. I’m not a person who will actually just pick up a book and read. Yet, there are scenes that made me actually think I was there and the characters are very interesting and there is plenty of action. The story is in the sixteenth century, and a thirteen-year-old boy is telling the story, by the name of Inigo Balboa. He is a young boy, whose mother sent him to live with a cousin (Captain) traveling to Madrid, which Inigo is to enter into the rank somewhere between servant and page. However, on page four, it is stated that the captain is not related to the family. The captain made a promise to Inigos’ father, Lope Balboa, at his time of death. On page one, Diego Alatriste y Tenorio, fought in ranks during the Flemish wars. He is not the most honest or pious of men, but he is courageous. Soon Alatriste got the nickname “captain” by serving, as a soldier in the king’s war, and it is more an honorary title then a rank. Captain Alatriste lives on the upper floor in a courtyard tavern, and has the type of attitude that I would like and many of the people look up to him. He is a person who has a battle-scarred face and a mustache used for thoughtful twirling. He is very skilled with a sword; and when it didn’t work he would wield what some call a vizcaina, which is equal to a knife. He is so good with this vizcaina, that he can slit a person so fast the person wouldn’t have time for a confession. One of my favorite parts was on page six, when Alatriste went to prison for three weeks for his nonpayment of debts. All the prisoners know to approach him with caution, except one. This prisoner believed he is the most lethal person there, but Alatriste confronted and showed him who is boss. Another interesting part was, when the captain was approached with an
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