Capsule Review (Meal)

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FAVORITE MEAL AT A RESTAURANT I think that the whopper is one of the best burgers from burg king. This is so because burger king is one of the biggest fast food restaurants in Phoenix. Well not the biggest but one of them that have many of them. Back in subject the whopper is one of best one here in phoenix. In the other hand MC. Donald’s have its big Mac that is also great, it is unique different from the others buggers. The fast food restaurant jack in the box is not getting behind with his jumbo jack with its own characteristics that make it unique. Back to the whopper its one of my favorite meal in burger king is not because its close to where I live it’s because it is just different. In Applebee’s my favorite meal is bourbon street chicken shrimp. It is one of my favorite meals because it combines two of favorite white meat chicken, and shrimp. It also have the sensation of sea food and a little of home made chicken. Sea food is also of my favorite meals because I was born in Acapulco de Juarez Guerrero Mexico and you don’t live near the beach and eat sea food. Here is how the restaurant explains the meal. Cajun-seasoned chicken breast grilled and served on a sizzling skillet topped with blackened-seasoned shrimp, garlic and thyme. Served with fried red potatoes, and sautéed onions & mushrooms. Even though I don’t like mush rooms in the meal I don’t taste them. In hooter my favorite meal is the 911 bone less chicken wings. Like I said for before I like chicken but also I like spicy stuff. The 911 chicken wings are the spicies they have but some times I like to mix it up with other of the spicy souse the have. People that go to hooters most likely order meals that not spicy, instead they order meals that are sweet and not spicy. Most of them are white folks because they don’t like spicy meals and some of them would try it just once or twice in

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