Capstone Week 9 Essay

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Probation may have been a good idea when it was first went into effect but, I do not feel that probation is structured and does not work for the most part. I feel probation is controlled by politics. I think probation is given to reduce the problem of overcrowding. I also feel that when there is not enough evidence but the judge has to reprimand to look good in the eyes of society that probation is offered. In the future, I feel probation programs should be changed and only offered to first time offenders or crimes that are considered low on the poll. If a person has violated their probation I do not feel they should be given another chance, their right to probation should be revoked and prison time served. I also feel that part of the probation program should concentrate on rehabilitation of the person that was placed on probation. There is always an underlying issue that has caused the person to sway down the path of committing crimes or drug use. With that being said, individual and possibly family therapy should be mandatory to get to the root of the underlying issue and deal with it in a professional way that will get the person back on track to a successful life. I feel it is appropriate to increase restrictions imposed on probation. I feel people on probation do not take it as serious as they should. They view it as receiving the easy way out. Restrictions such as getting a job, attending two NA/AA meetings a week, urine test and a list of other numerous restriction does not instill fear in the person that is placed on probation, nor is it going to make them change their lifestyle. When looking over the guidelines to probation restrictions are significant. People placed on probation have to realize that freedom is a privilege and to maintain their freedom they need to do right. Having values and morals in life is important. I feel probation officers are key
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