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capstone project Click Link Below To Buy: Task WHAT TO DO: 1. Follow the Study Schedule and work with the Topics (Modules) in Interact as they provide a "scaffold" for your learning in this subject. 2. Develop a detailed Capstone Project Proposal and Plan using project management software (as listed in the Study Schedule) and the skills you have acquired from IT Project Management to develop a project plan with a Work Breakdown Structure(WBS), milestones and Gantt chart. These tools may help. 1. MicrosoftProject Pro (; 2. Open source tools like GanttProject (; 3. OpenProj( 4. OpenProject ( 3. Begin a 'project blog' for your chosen emerging technology topic. 1. The blog is a way to not only "think by writing" and make your notes but also store project files and links in a cloud-based service. 2. Consider sharing the site with your peers as a way to harness each others knowledge. 3. For Distance mode students, the Blog can be used for your Weekly Progress Reports (as an alternative to the Discussion Board) in Assessment Item 3. 4. CSU Thinkspace at (use your CSU Login ID) is recommended or Wordpress, Google's Blogger ( are common blogging systems, but you may have your own favourite site to use. 1. Choose and develop a limited blogger profile and enter a suitable TITLE for your blog (e.g. Joe’s Wireless Technology Project) – not your full name 2. For WEB ADDRESS - use your student number as your account name (URL) or other unique identifier. 3. Make a first post - a short introduction about you and the project - remember to save, then Publish the blog entry. Check with a friend

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