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Rita Guzman University of St. Francis MSED 615 Multiple Intelligences Howard Gardner redefined intelligence by introducing Eight Multiple Intelligences that have made teachers and parents see children as individual learners. Multiple Intelligences differs from learning styles because “the concept of style designates a general approach that an individual can apply equally to every content. In contrast, Multiple Intelligeces is a capacity with its component processes that geared to a specific content in the word (such as musical sounds)”-(Gardner, 1995 p.202-203) I understood what and how multiple intelligences functioned when I was asked by a professor to tell him how I would learn about the Civil War. He gave me the option to process the information anyway I preferred. I thought for a moment about my options before I answered him, I could watch a program on the History Channel, read a book, ask my neighbors, visit the museum or I could reenact it. At that moment I realized how Gardner’s Eight Multiple Intelligences worked. Verbal/Linguistic Intelligences provides students with the opportunity to enjoy storytelling, journaling and word games. Musical/Rhythmic Intelligences benefits from singing, humming, chanting and enjoy movement of role playing. Logical/Mathematical Intelligence students enjoy puzzles and manipulative, pattern games. They also find number sequencing, inductive and reasoning lessons. Visual/Spatial Intelligence is a student that is able to make mental images and recognizes visual cues. This student also enjoys creating visual art, painting and rich visual activities. Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence can be described as a student having strong motor skills and enjoys sports and dance. This type of student enjoys the drama center and role playing. I can relate to this type of student. I realized at a young age that I preferred and was a

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