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Web Designer I chose Web Design as the career choice for the capstone project because I think it’s very interesting work. I was originally going to pursue this as my major, but later changed my choice. I’ve done a little work with a friend of mine on designing websites and it’s actually pretty fun work. The way you can create an entire web page using graphics, images, your own designs, and hyperlinks to take you to another section of the webpage is pretty cool. Web Designers are the ones who create websites or web pages. They create the designs for the entire site, everything from the colors, formats, and styles all the way to the photos, videos, and illustrations for the web page. A web designer does the graphic designing to promote specific ideas that tell the whole use of the webpage. The designer may take part in the initial planning of a web site, by meeting with the clients and discussing ideas for the design and organization of the website. Once the initial idea for the webpage is agreed upon and the basic concepts created, the web designer must then gather all text documents and images that are going to appear and then convert them into a form so they can be viewed. This entails a mastery of HTML (hypertext markup language), which is the computer language used to create web pages. The designer must also have a working knowledge of current HTML extensions, which are programs that make it possible to add special features to web pages such as animations and interactive surveys. Wed Designers must have a working knowledge of FTP (file transfer protocol) and other programs that enable functions like clickable email contacts, and the ability to download files to a computer to work properly. They need an understanding of software functionality as well as graphic design skills to create successful web pages. Web Designers have varying education levels that range

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