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Capstone Checkpoint Week 9 April Augello PSY/285 May 15, 2014 Coretta Nelson Capstone Checkpoint Week 9 I really enjoyed this class, I have learned a lot and now I have a different way of seeing and understanding things now especially in different types of situations in my life. I believe I have come to understand a more diverse point of view and not such a narrow interpretation of other peoples understanding or condition. I had not even realized that I was even being biased in certain situation, especially a self serving biased. Now I am able to stop and think about things before giving my uneducated assumption because I really didn't know or understand the situation at hand. This will allow me to analyze and apply my more educated point of view due to the fact that I recognize my bias. I am now utilizing most of what I have learned in this class not only in my private life but also in my professional life. This has allowed me to recognize many of the unseen pitfalls that we all fall into in order to understand that we all have our own faults and foibles. This allows me to be less judgmental and more analytical which means I can produce a more accurate assessment of the situation and or clients condition. That should result in a more beneficial and accurate diagnosis and treatment. Ultimately this can and should result in a much more effective approach and result. To sum up what it is I am stating is that by way of my education in this field I have realized that we all have preconceived ideas, and that we can not allow them to interfere when we are dealing with individuals trying to cope with whatever mental or emotional issues they are dealing with. We must all be mindful that this is not an exact science, but that it should be also considered at least in part

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