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Relationship between Private and Public Police Priscilla Martinez Cjs/250 November 24, 2012 Instructor: Jennelle Velarde Abstract There are many public policemen in the United States that do a great job in protecting and serving the citizens of the country. Yet, there are private police that have a significant way of doing their job as well as protecting and helping public policemen. There are many advantages and disadvantages to them both, but they do have many ways that they are alike as protecting society. The relationship between private and public police is somewhat good, because private police help capture many fugitives, as well as helping them solve cases together; they also respond to calls for service, make arrests and use blue lights, and traffic radar. When they both come together they help themselves reduce crime with the help of private police. Many think that private police are not a solution, but they do help, because policemen are not around illegal activities 24/7, so they are a big rescue to society as a whole with public police. The relationship is positive because they have to work together in case the private men have captured or have a criminal on hand. If their relationship was negative then there would be no solution to their behavior, and they do need to get along for the sake of capturing individuals that don’t belong on the street, or that are a threat to society. The negativity also is that many public officers are being replaced by private officers, and they don’t find that fair since they have the excessive training, thus private officers don’t have training what so ever. But they are trying to provide training and exams for these public officers for any further danger the encounter. Private Officers have had many law suits due to their behavior, and think that they can attack people, and have the right to treat they

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