Caplin Letter of Confirmation

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Dear Father Tony, The idea Confirmation in the catholic church has always been a mystery for me my entire life. I always compared it to the levels of school. Baptism would be like the beginning of kindergarten: I was completely clueless and new to everything, and my parents just threw me in their without my consent. Then my first communion was like promoting from middle school: I had a decent amount of knowledge about what was going on Ina nd around my life. Then we get to Confirmation, which I've always compared to graduation. Well, i was right: It IS like graduation, a rite of passage. However, there is one big difference that I've recently learned. When students graduate from school, they stop going to classes and having teachers give them instructions. But when Catholics get confirmed, it doesn't mean that they stop learning like in school. They keep learning for the rest of their lives. It means another part of the journey to heaven has just began. And through learning, we Catholicis become better servants of god and be closer to heaven. My realization of this has really opened up my eyes to a new outlook on life. I have heavily enjoyed learning and growing in seminars for faith formation. And almost nothing makes me more excited than the fact that i can learn and gow even more after confirmation. Simply put, I feel that I'm ready for confirmation because I am ready to accept the catholic faith as my own faith, and live it in all aspects in my life, for the rest of my life. There are also other things that have made me realize that I'm ready t be confirmed. It is simply the base knowledge about catholic church that I have obtained. Just learning about the different sacraments and rites of Catholics lets me know how unique we are as Catholics in terms of getting closer to god. There is also the confirmation retreat that has forever changed my life. I had

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