Capitation Health Care

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The purpose of writing this paper is to discuss health care capitation and healthcare provider excess insurance, how it has changed or affected health care today. First, I will discuss how this significant event relates to the changes on health care. Then, I will discuss my opinion on how it has impacted the historical evolution of health care. Last but not least, I will discuss my opinion based on my beliefs and values. Research shows that capitation is defined as a fixed sum per person paid in advance of the coverage period to a health care organization keeping in mind of its providing, or arranging to provide agreed health care services to the eligible individual for a specified time. It is proven that capitation is one of managed…show more content…
The most concern to the public is the impact that provider risk sharing has on the quality of care a patient receives. Wondering that the providers are negotiating an agreement of their services at the expense of patient health to increase profits under capitation has a direct impact on their professional liability exposure. Among the current factors in the evolution of health plans, the most important is the steady rise in health care costs. Because of this factor this has made it necessary for health insurance premiums to be raised and that in retrospect has made it difficult for employers and consumers to afford…show more content…
With regard to knowing that the extra costs of hospital services needs to be solved and the thought that habitual capitation is the way to solve all the problems, needs to be assessed. Capitation encourages all doctors to be paid the same, despite the given number of patients they see every day. Cutting costs and better management is the actual goal; this would be beneficial to general care practices run like more efficient businesses. Though the problem is that no one knows the lengths providers will go in order to cut these costs. According to Mark Highland in the article of “The New England Journal of Medicine”, It shocked me, coming from the fast food world, where everything about costs is known, to shift into the health care world, where often times, physicians have almost no idea what their true costs are to deliver services.” This just shows how shockingly noticeable unjustly our current health care system

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