Capitalism vs. Communism

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Capitalism vs. Communism Capitalism is a way of organizing an economy so that the things that are used to make and transport products are owned by individual people and companies rather than by the government. Capitalism at its essence is a competition of giving. Capitalism is the best foreign policy because it creates centralized, competition, and also equal opportunity. First capitalism leads to the centralization of education to complement the centralization of production, which greatly increased literacy rates, and made people capable of operating machines. On the other hand, the schooling system is also highly hierarchal, reflecting the workplace, as the main purpose was to pump out 'cogs in the machine' for the workplace. However, this also sets a basis for what are known as “free schools”, which involve non-hierarchal, but still centralized, education. Anyways, this allows people to work at more complex jobs, and accelerates invention, thus increasing productivity and allowing the creation of stuff such as light bulbs. Second we have competition. Having competition creates a very efficient economy. For an example if you and I were both selling scissors, and I was selling the exact same ones for a less expensive price, it would force you to have to compete and regain an edge against me. By doing things like creating better quality scissors, making them more readily available at more locations or trying to compete with other people low price in this case is me. Thus creates an efficient economy. Lastly there’s equal opportunity despite all the pros of capitalism if there aren’t laws set by government capitalism can be bad. An example of what can happen in capitalism with out laws to regulate it is that one can create a monopoly. A monopoly is a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity. Therefore the monopoly
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