Capitalism Essay

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Mikel Snell Capitalism Bill Clinton said the key to helping developing nations and other countries is to jus hook them on capitalism. Capitalism has proved to be very successful for America. We are one of the richest most powerful nation in the world, our competitive nature and understanding of the business world and global commerce have been beneficial and our capitalist system has proven to be pretty successful. We do have the luxury of having multiple resources at our fingertips that help us to be successful in the global economy. Capitalism could work and be highly successful for many countries around the world however it is highly unlikely that such a government could successful in some countries. A capitalist system needs consumers, producers, and goods. In many small developing countries your average person has little to no money so there is a lack of consumers therefore there is a lack of money changing hands. Many countries also lack the production capabilities and resources to be strong competitors in a global economy. So they little movement of the money that’s in the country they also lack money flowing into the country. For capitalism to work for countries in today’s world I think you have to be a fairly strong competitor in the global economy before you expect to see capitalism flourish in the that country. Some developing nations will likely never be the size or have the resources to compete with large capitalist countries like America. Other forms of government have proven to be successful and beneficial to other countries. There are other options out there for countries that do not see capitalism as a possible type of government for their country. For some countries that are struggling with there economy capitalism has proven to be a very successful form of government. It’s the foundation of Americas government and other powerful nations.

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