Capital punishment in the U.S. Essay

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I believe the U.S. should indeed continue to use capital punishment. With saying that, I feel capital punishment should just be reserved for one certain crime, premeditated murder. If someone commits premeditated murder, they should not have the right to live. They took someone’s life into their own hands without regard to the victim or their family and friends. People who plan extensively on whom, how and where they are going to kill someone is a very disturbed person and a threat to all of human kind. There should be plenty of evidence to show that the person is guilty though, to prevent a wrongful conviction. If someone was planning to murder someone and knew the chances of receiving capital punishment, they may change their minds before acting. This will help lower the chances of someone planning a murder. It also ensures that the convicted murderer never strikes again. It would be terrible if someone like this was set free only to strike again on another innocent person. Capital punishment for this crime can also give closure to the victim’s family and friends. That is just an emotional point of view though, it may differ for others. I am not alone in how I feel. Opinion polls consistently show that a majority of the American public supports the death penalty. “A May 2005 Gallup poll had 74% of responders in "favor of the death penalty for a person convicted of murder". In the same Gallup poll, when life imprisonment without parole was given as an option as a punishment for murder, 56% supported the death penalty and 39% supported life imprisonment, with 5% offering no opinion.” ( – I must add that even though a person takes someone else’s life into their own hands, does not mean that the world should be able to do the same. No one should play God and decide whether someone should live or die. Just because one person

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