Capital Punishment For Corporate Criminals Essay

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There are arguments that differ from one another on the topic of capital punishment on corporate criminals. Some of them involve execution just like a cold blooded murderer could receive. There are ways to look at what should be done to criminals of such nature and what degree to punish them. The argument states that if capital punishment is suitable and permissible for some murderers, then it is completely permissible for corporate criminals involved in the loss of billions of dollars in innocent victims and workers. The argument comes from these views: The two main views that you should look at when looking at this argument. The first is the consequentialist view that deals with the best available grounds for capital punishment. This looks at whether capital punishment or life in prison is the best for the situation. This view supports that life imprisonment is morally the right thing to do. The way this solution came about is from general deterrence, special deterrence, cost (which is cheaper), and suffering. The second view is the retributivist view. This is supported mainly by the non-consequentialist saying that any act of punishment is permissible if the act of punishment is equal to what the wrong doer did. For example, a murderer should be murdered. This view does have some exceptions though like a rapist should be punished by rape. Instead, the wrong doer should be punished by the same amount of harm. This view is more supported by the argument that there should be a value put on life itself. Many people say that you cannot put a value on life. But, in this modern day, people do it all the time. He gives an example in his argument that supports this view. One of them is the way our own government acts. If there is a bad road that the government owns that results in five people dying on a year, then the government will pay to have

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