Capital Punishment Essay

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P6 04/20/13 Capital Punishment Capital punishment is the disciplinary action taken when a person has committed a crime. Capital Punishment has been practiced worldwide for centuries and uses numerous techniques. Since ancient history, modern punishment has become more humane. Countries use capital punishment for multiple faults. A person could be sentenced to death for wrong-doings such as human trafficking, homicide, child murder, and rape. With capital punishment becoming more approved, more people altercate over the topic. Many people feel that capital punishment should no longer be allowed. Capital punishment is inhumane and unforgiving. Killing someone because of their crime, does not prevent others from committing the same crime. Capital punishment displays inhumane acts. When capital punishment is used, the sentencing possibly involves being shot at, hung, or injected with lethal poison. The process of capital punishment is strictly revenge. Trying to get revenge is acting an inhumane way. Punishment towards someone should not involve being killed. The punishment should offer the corrective measure to an individual. “Humanity requires that people treat others with dignity they deserve even when they have done mistakes. Capital punishment does not have any form of dignity.” Capital punishment allows the wrong person to be sentenced to death. We are all humans and we all make simple mistakes. If the wrong person is put to death, they can never be brought back to life. If someone was to be otherwise put in prison or jail, they can be proven innocent and return to their lives. This allows torture for the friends and family members of the innocent individual being sentenced to death. The friends and family are forced to picture a loved one being hung, shot at, or whatever the sentence might be. The Death Penalty Information Center estimates for every

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