Capital Punishment Essay

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For as long as capital punishment has been around, there seems to have been an argument about how effective it is. On one side people seem to believe that it is not a useful or moral punishment for anything. These are the people that will always believe that a just punishment for heinous crimes is a life in prison. They will never believe that killing someone is the right way to handle a situation. On the other hand of course, are the people that believe that the death penalty is the right way to go. These people believe that the death penalty deters crime, and is a morally just way to punish a human being for murder or other crimes on the same level as murder. Though these are not the only reasons behind these two very different viewpoints. The argument against capital punishment states that it costs too much money to maintain prisoners on death-row, and does not deter crime, while the pro-capital punishment argument claims it is a fair and morally just part of our judicial system. Opposing side Many people that don’t believe in capital punishment believe it to be useless because it costs far too much money to place people on death-row and to maintain them as prisoners. These individuals believe that it cost far too much money for prosecution, defense attorneys, juries, and law enforcement. They also will contest that it wastes the time and efforts of courts to provide funds, that are limited, for these cases, where the same funds could be used to prevent and solve crime that could be happening elsewhere ( Bedeau, Hugo). The opposing side will fight that, keeping the death penalty is in fact not cheaper than placing prisoners on a life sentence. It is in fact more expensive to carry out a case involving the death penalty, due to the extra litigation and other variables, than it is to simply place an individual on a life sentence ( Bedeau, Hugo). The fact that

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