Capital Punishment Essay

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Kevin Patterson Mrs. Trang AP English 3 15 April 2012 Capital Punishment One of the many ‘shady’ problems out there is if capital punishment or better known as the death penalty is ethical, whether it’s ethical to kill someone due to them killing another. This question has brought a lot of controversy since the capital punishment was in first put to use, especially amongst religious followers. Many believe that the only fair way to punish a murderer is to ‘murder’ him. Others are totally against murder in general, religious people and not, and believe that murder is unethical even if it is death for a murderer. The government is to have no say in if capital punishment is ethical or not, yet they allow capital punishment putting it up to the states so technically they are in charge of it. Capital punishment is decided upon by the states, but still can be banned if the federal government wanted to do so, which is what most anti-capital punishment people are aiming for is to make the government aware of the unethical behavior and hopefully stop it. Now this problem isn’t going to be solved in a matter of days but in a matter of many years, maybe even decades till something happens. Both sides for and against capital punishment both have put together convincing arguments with evidence done from observation and scientific research to back up their statements and opinions. Although whatever happens in the future upon the situation of capital punishment, arguing will never stop as this issue will never be fully solved, one side will lose and they will keep arguing no matter what. No positive change will be able to be brought about this topic but hopefully the losing side will be able to accept or at least understand why the other side is more dominant and why they won. People looking to abolish capital punishment are hopeful for the

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