Capital Punishment Essay

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Essay # 4, Research Essay: Capital Punishment Lawrence Kwak One of the issues that continually create a tension in today's society is whether or not the capital punishment is necessary. Capital punishment is the form of the execution that government carries out on convicted criminal. Capital punishment was removed from the Canadian law in late 1970s. Ever since then, a movement to bring back capital punishment was debated in the Canadian House of Commons couple times but defeated on votes. The fact that this motion was prevented is truly beneficial to Canadians due to many problems with this law. The reintroduction of capital punishment would be detrimental for many reasons. Capital punishment is carried out at overwhelming price to taxpayers, the law sometime murders innocent people out of mistake, the government commits the same crime that offenders are trialed for, and the use of capital punishment to deter crime rate does not work. Unlike many people’s beliefs, it costs far more to carry out a capital punishment than sentencing a criminal to a life in prison. The taxpayers in United States are paying huge sums of money of every year to maintain capital punishment. A recent report made in New Jersey showed that the state's death penalty has cost Americans $253 million since 1983(Cost, n.d), a cost that could be reverted for funds to support crime prevention, mental health treatment, and education on drugs which can be used prevent crimes beforehand. There are many instances where a prisoner proves to be innocent of his or her crime only after the execution is carried out. This is truly a bothersome idea because the capital punishment is irreversible. No matter how many precautions are made, there are always going to be mistakes because decisions are made by humans. If the mistake is acknowledged after the execution, then the state would have

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