Capital Punishment Essay

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CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Is there anyone who thinks that they have right to kill somebody? Or have right to take someone’s life? Answer to this question is apparently yes. There are so many criminals who think that they are the one who can take others live. But why the judges give them capital punishment, aren’t they doing the same thing? Capital punishment existed in about early 621 B.C. Since that time capital punishment spread all over the world very fast. Because it was seen exact solution for shutting up someone’s mouth or stopping them from being oppose to the government. Before capital punishment was only for people who were against to the government but as time passed it changed a lot. For example; in Arabia a person who says anything bad about Allah, is punished with capital punishment and in China peculator also punished with capital punishment. In Turkey 1925, 8 people from Rize were executed because of not wearing a hat. When considering these things, those people’s lives are taken because of minor offense. Is it fair? We didn’t give life to anyone, so we don’t have right to take that life. When a person kills somebody and punished with execution then don’t the judges do the same thing like him? People who murder others should be punished and pay the price of their crime, but not killed. Those people who got used to kill people are not afraid of execution, they have to be punished differently. Just killing them in a seconds is like a present for them. Some criminals may look as dying as a way out. Proving that death penalty is needed, doesn’t deter crime. People are still killing and comitting other horrible acts of crime. It’s not an effective punishment. In China people are punished with capital punishment from 68 offenses. Most of that offenses are without giving harm to anyone physically. In 1977 there were 16 countries who stopped capital

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