Capital Punishment Essay

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Abstract Something that has been creating tension in today’s society is whether the death penalty is justifiable and a valid way of punishment. Depending on the extremists and their decision, one may feel a right for deterrence and the other for potential execution; while one says where is the justice and retribution, the other argues capital punishment. You can’t run from crime due to its obvious part in our world today. We should all be aware that something must be done about it. The definition of capital punishment is the legal sanction of death. In most cases, it is an acceptable means for the deterrence of crime. It still remains an official method for capital offenses and other dreadful crimes. I see individuals taking advantage of others and committing crimes as long as they can get away with it and it benefits them. The whole purpose of our criminal system is to protect the rights of others. In order for this to take place, punishment must be harsh enough for that particular crime to deter the next from doing it. This is the only punishment that makes people pay for their crime. If a judge sentences a man to life in prison, in the state of Arkansas, you only do seventy-five percent. It’s different from the judge giving someone life without, then the criminal would stay on lock a little longer; this would also mean that tax-payers would be paying extra for a prisoner to be housed. Criminals nowadays don’t fear the judicial system, jail, or their punishment anymore because they know they won’t receive much time for their crimes. Most men that are rational fear death because they don’t want to die; those that don’t enjoy killing and should be controlled if they’re sentenced to life. The death penalty should remain in play so that most will be afraid to break the law and to control those that don’t care and love to break the law. Although capital

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