Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital Punishment Deters Crime in America The death penalty has been used for centuries in this country by the justice system; it has also been the center of controversy for many years. Many people have strong feelings about this controversial topic. Some people believe taking a life is unnecessary, wrong, and that there can be other options for punishment; others believe the punishment must fit the crime. If a murderer takes a victim’s life the murderer’s life should be taken as well. For every execution there are three to eighteen murders prevented; that prevention makes capital punishment a deterrent to crime (Liptak, 2007). Support for the death penalty in this country is at 65 percent (Otis, 2006). A Gallup poll from four years ago states that the majority of Americans believes the death penalty is not imposed frequently enough (Otis, 2006). William Otis (2006) points out that the death penalty does in fact save lives. Years before the 1967-1977 US moratorium there were only 289 executions and 95, 000 murders. As a result of the ten year moratorium there were 180,000 murders and zero executions, proof that the death penalty is a deterrent to America’s crime (Otis), 2006) In the United States twelve states do not have the death penalty (Simon, 2002). If a person lives in one of the states that does not have the death penalty, he or she should not feel any less safe than a person who does not live in one of those twelve states. Although capital punishment is a deterrent to crime, in most cases the average person’s life does not revolve around murder; therefore, it should not affect their lives whether they live in a state that has the death penalty or not. The death penalty is proven to be a deterrent to crime says Otis and Liptak but there are some flaws in the justice system that being economic reasons. The state of Illinois has spent 800 more million

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