Capital Punishment Essay

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Jerod Villines Honors English 10 January 8 2010 Period 1 Capital Punishment a Cruel act of Society The innocent man walks down the lane that now leads to his sure death as once again another innocent human is given the cruel sentence of capital punishment. The youth bravely walks toward his death down death row into an electrical room where he’s forced to painfully be strapped to the most uncomfortable chair of his life. Suddenly sparks start to ignite from the skull! The man lets out an agonizing shriek of help! One can but watch as the individual drops his pale cold hands to the ground sitting there with a benevolent smile. Perhaps humans are unmoved by the sight of the dead. Perhaps the youth dug up his own grave for not having enough money for a decent lawyer. Many say that capital punishment provides a deterrent for crimes. But at what cost and to what extent do people deserve this? The life of another innocent human being has just been wiped off the face of the Earth leaving behind nothing but mournful grief. Even though the criminal may have committed a horrible, deceitful, and mournful crime, the people who decide to execute the criminal is just as bad. Ultimately, Capital Punishment should not be enforced because it is cruel, it discriminates, and it is inaccurate. Proponents would say that Capital Punishment is ethically appropriate, yet it makes the law cruel and unusual. Capital Punishment is given by court even though it violates the eight amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which states that cruel and unusual punishments cannot be inflicted. No punishment in the world could ever be crueler then death, especially when the one being killed is a human being. Real people such as Wendy Kaminer has stated in her book, “barbarously cruel….shocking, unjust, and unacceptable. In fact so many people were outraged of the cruelty

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