Capital Health System Marketing Analysis

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Capital Health System Marketing Analysis Jana Homola HCS/539 November 22, 2010 Marcia Thompson Capital Health System Marketing Analysis With considerable investments in sophisticated technologies and the finest physicians, Capital Health System (CHS) is becoming the region’s leader in advanced medicine. The analysis of the marketing practices and statements like”I had never heard of Capital Health before, but I’m blessed that I wound up there.” that came from many patients, makes it very clear that marketing was not one of the strongest areas of the Capitol Health System Organization. Nevertheless, numerous recognitions granted to CHS and commitment of CHS to make the latest technology available to patients in this region are headlines demonstrating that this is a place where most people would like to end up in the time of need. Capital Health System provides services to the resident of New Jersey's capital city through two hospitals; Mercer Medical Center and Helene Fuld Medical Center, two distressed hospitals with a commanding 120-year history in the Trenton area, united under one medical system in 1997. Together they have almost 600 beds and 3,000 employees. The first step of conversion started with a $60 million endowment in the Regional Medical Center with the only Level II Trauma Center in the area, outfitted with a helicopter transfer division. In 2001 Helene Fuld Medical Center’s expansion was announce. Ever since, the renovations did not stop; Formation of Pediatric Emergency Services Department in 2002 gives community the only level-3 NICU; in 2003 the PED scan machine was added and in 2005, an Intensive Care Unit was open. At the same time as all of these encouraging alterations were done, CHS realized that the location of the hospital is preventing it from reaching its true potential. In 2005, plans to build a new hospital in Hopewell, New

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