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Capirotada - Mexican Bread Pudding Want a little bit of Mexican in the kitchen? Do you love salty, sweet, soft, and spongy mixed ingredients with a pizzazz of spice? If so, then Capriotada is the perfect dish for you. Although the ingredients seem to be very odd, they combine together to make a great dish that you can enjoy any time of day. This recipe, so we have heard, has been around since the Middle Ages. I have the privilage of being able to still cook with my Grandma when she comes to visit and when she does I always ask for capirotada. No one can cook like my Grandma can. After all the times I tried to perfect this recipe, it does not compare to the way my Grandma prepares it, she makes the best capirotada around town. Now…show more content…
Take the melted butter and vegetable oil and start assembling the slices of bread around your ovenproof dish. You will then take your syrup (which was the ingredients that you boiled prior) and pour it over the bread. Make sure the bread absorbs the syrup but DO NOT let the syrup go to the bottom of the dish. You do not want to have the bottom layer too soggy and it also allows you to have enough syrup for the other slices of bread. If it makes it easier and more convenient for you, you can dip the bread into the syrup, but like I said, whatever makes it easier for you. Now that the first layer has syrup, you can go ahead and add the cheese, raisins, and peanuts to your desire. Repeat steps of layering until you have reached the last layer of your capirotada. Pour the remaining syrup over the last layer of bread and top with the cheese and peanuts. After all is complete, you will cover your dish with aluminum foil and bake in your preheated oven for 45 minutes or until the top crust is a golden brown and all the other layers are moist. You can serve this dish hot or cold, which ever is to your preference, and if want to add a glass of milk to it, that is great also! Then wahla, you just made some…show more content…
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